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Tiny houses – or rather small houses – are the perfect option for many people because of several reasons. These reasons may have to do with the fact that in big cities, the price of the square metre is higher than in small cities or towns, or it might have to do with a determined lifestyle – choosing to live by oneself, living with a partner, having no children, having just one kid, etc. –, or the fact that they are just looking for a second residence.

Regardless of the reason, when we are dealing with smaller spaces, we have to be smart and think about the distribution and the way the furniture will be placed in the house. We have to make the most of the available space and Atipika Barcelona would like to give you some little tips to do so.


Beds with storage space. This often forgotten space can be quite handy to ‘hide’ plenty of things.



-Adapt the remaining spaces to turn them into small storage units. For example, we can find a little empty space, it does not matter if it’s not very big, where we can put some shelves or a rail to hang some of your clothes.



Furniture with a trick. There are many pieces of furniture that are just one thing, but we can also find some pieces of furniture that can be more than one thing at a time. As an example, we can find tables that hide several drawers, or hollow stools which have storage space on the inside.



-It is quite likely that if you buy a ‘tiny house’, it will only have one bedroom, so, what happens when family or friends visit you? A sofa-bed is an excellent idea in these cases.



-If you work from home and you need a little studio, make it a vertical one. Put several shelves on top so you can have there all you need and get a fold down desk – with one of these you can have your desk only when you need it.



-Use your walls. Walls can be your ally, as for example in the kitchen. If you do not have cupboards or drawers, make the most of the walls to hang cookware and ingredients.



Build upwards. If the space is too tiny, having the bed ‘up in the air’ can be the ideal choice. This will allow you to use the bed space to get a sofa or a little studio under your bedroom.



Atipika Barcelona has an extensive property portfolio, so we include ‘tiny houses’ in the products we offer to our clients – As examples we have this 30sq m penthouse or this other 40sq m penthouse as well, this 50sq m apartment or this 55sq m apartment, brand new, refurbished or to refurbish with the old traditional charm of Barcelona.

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