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1. A personalized interview and a visit to the property.

Before we decide to sell, we like to know our goals and the distinctive features of the property. This is why we request all necessary information to prepare commercialization of the property and know our product well.


2. We present your property in an impeccable way.

A professional photographic report, clear and real, allows a better presentation and screening of clients, achieving selling or renting in less time.


3. You can have future buyers within the first two weeks of listing the property.

Our internal clients include investors, national and international developers, individuals and businesses, all with more than 15 years of built loyalty.


4. The way we market our product, allows to increase the probabilities.

Our knowledge and experience speeds up the selling and renting process of your property.


5. Constant communication with your agent.

A professional and direct relationship is established with one of our agents so that you are informed at all time of the results of viewings and property market value.


6. Technology allows for the unthinkable.

We personalize our marketing of the property. Our technology helps us advertise faster and reach further to where we want, either by on-line or traditional media, by controlling results.


7. Experience and the thousands of operations carried out, allows us to advise further and not just set a price.

Many factors influence the appraisal of a property, but specialization and experience are the basis for success.


8. Our own system and CRM allows us to be unique in our working methods, not to be better, but to be more efficient.

All our efforts are oriented to using technology for better control, but without forgetting that selling a property is something personal and unique.

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