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There are those who like to live in the city centre, people who enjoy the hustle and bustle of big cities, and there are those who prefer to live on the outskirts, far from the traffic jams and noisy city. For the latter, the option of buying a plot of land and live in a wooden house is becoming more popular than we might think, especially for ecology-lovers.

As with all alternatives, wooden houses have its set of advantages and disadvantages:




Environmentally-friendly option: as the predominant material in the construction would be wood, it is considered an environmentally-friendly option as long as the wood is obtained through a sustainable process.

Money and time are saved: Building a wooden house is cheaper and takes less time to build.

-Even though wood can be considered a lightweight material, it is quite solid – almost as brick.

-Even though its ‘live expectancy’ is often not as long as in houses built with more popular materials used nowadays, with the right treatments it can have a long life. These treatments are usually fire-retardant treatments or for protection against moisture.

Energy efficiency: Wood is a thermal insulating material, which means that the electricity bill will be reduced both in winter and summer.



-Using wood which implies cutting down trees is not a good idea, it is not very ethical nor environmentally-friendly due to the current deforestation of the planet.

Termites, mould and humidity; these are the most common problems that wooden houses have if preventive treatments and revisions are not planned. Houses built with other materials – brick, cement, etc. – have a bigger ‘live expectancy’ without this much maintenance and preventive treatments.

-Culturally, wooden houses are considered to be of lower quality.

-You must ‘build’ the house on building land – make sure the plot of land you buy is a building plot.



If you are thinking about buying a plot of land to build a wooden house, do not hesitate to contact Atipika Barcelona as we have several plots of land available in our product portfolio.

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