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A walk around Montjuïc: exercise, nature and history within our reach

Is it possible to exercise and enjoy Barcelona’s beauty at the same time in an historic environment? The answer is ‘yes’, Montjuïc’s mountain allows us to do this, and much more. In Atipika Barcelona we would like to suggest a route through some of the less known spots of the area, in which you can enjoy its magnificent views.

Montjuïc offers a wide variety of possibilities – you can walk around its romantic parks and gardens or do some exercise in its facilities surrounded by nature in its purest state. You can also enjoy cultural activities at the different events that take place all over the year in this Catalan mountain.

In Atipika Barcelona we suggest a one-hour long walk. It is not necessary to be in great shape to get carried away by the beauty of the Catalan capital, where charming buildings blend with nature.


The walk we would like to suggest you starts in ‘Jardines del Teatro Griego’, which was inaugurated in 1929 for the ‘Exposición Universal de Barcelona’ where climbing plants, among other plants and flowers, create a magical atmosphere.

Afterwards, keep walking until you reach ‘escaleras del Generalife’, which will take you from ‘Jardines del Teatro Griego’ to ‘Jardines de Laribal’ of clear Arabic influence and beauty.


Once you are on the top, go to ‘Fundación Miró’ and visit its ‘Jardín de las Esculturas’, it is completely worth it. If you cross it and walk towards Miramar avenue, you will find, on the left, the exit of Montuïc’s cable car (‘Funicular de Montjuïc’ and ‘Teleféfico’). Nearby, you can also find ‘jardines Jacint Verdaguer’, and its charming gardens. Wherever you look, Barcelona’s beauty will seduce you from the heights.

These are just some of the places that Montjuïc hides. If you want to enjoy walks like the one described above daily, in Atipika Barcelona we can show you some houses in the area. This designer house with garden and terrace is a good example, it has 75sq m, two bedrooms and a bathroom. Do not hesitate to contact us!