Arume, a Galician restaurant in Raval

Right where Manuel Vázquez Montalbán was born, a Galician chef, Manuel Núñez, has settled his wonderful restaurant: Arume.

Once you get in, you may be surprised to find a bar counter and the kitchen in front of you, and on the left, a narrow corridor that leads to the dining area that is divided in two floors from which you can access a third dining area. The distribution is quite chaotic, the completely opposite concept you will find in your dish.

Manuel takes good care when choosing products for his specialties, and in the centre of the Raval, his restaurant presents itself as an unpretentious luxury restaurant. His ingredients are always of excellent quality, and this fact makes the experience a treat for the senses – the taste, the sight, the touch and, of course, the smell.

The menu is not extensive, but it is quite complete. It is divided in four sections: starters, such as Galician molluscs, beef plaid or mackerel tataki; main courses that go from hake to lamb, although we should not forget about the Iberian ‘carrillera’ – deliciously soft.

We can find the dessert section, where contemporary recipes have a taste that remind us of the past – they will take you back to those afternoon snacks at your grandma’s.  For dinner, they recommend the fourth section of the menu, where you find two types of rice: ‘paella de mares Gallegos’, with fish and seafood from the Atlantic; and duck rice with ‘padrón’ peppers.

Two years ago, Manuel won the award to the best tapa of the year thanks to the innovative touch in his dishes, the quiet and intimate atmosphere of his restaurant and the pleasant treatment of the staff.

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Arume, a Galician restaurant in Raval - Atipika Lifestyle Properties 2022

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