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Isabel Osorio, Atipika’s founder: “truth and transparency are the most important matters for us”

Atipika keeps on celebrating. This time we had the opportunity to meet with Isabel Osorio, Atipika’s founder and expert in the real estate market, just to learn about her personal view regarding the company she has created, as well as to understand some new developments of the market. Isabel Osorio, licensed in P.R. and Business Management and with two postgraduate scholarships, represents an experienced look regarding national and international corporatism. Everything thanks to a great experience that led her to participate in projects for Coca-Cola, Imax Corporation and Key Advertising. Her global business view, adaptability and communication-based system has always been applied in each of the departments he has managed, and she is the base of Atipika’s operation.


Isabel, how did the idea of ​​founding Atipika come about?

The truth is that the financial and the real estate worlds were always an attractive area for me, and when coming back from living in the US and the United Kingdom, I realized that services for foreigners were quite poor. There were no multilingual professionals and people who came to Barcelona to invest and settle had no way of getting advice. There we had our market niche.

What are the foundations of Atipika?

We offer high-quality livings, both homes and commercial assets, and this corporation has an unbeatable catalog of homes for rent and sale. All our employees have lived and/or worked outside of this country, but Barcelona is their origin and they know exactly the needs of our customers. Our team is constantly training, and we keep a free-flowing internal communication and a daily teamwork. In addition, we know that our customers are our most precious asset, so we take care of them and try to keep them loyal.

What does your slogan ‘Being different makes us unique’ mean?

With Atipika we wanted to express that we are different, not only in the service we offer, but also in the values ​​and philosophies of our company. We anticipate situations and customers trust us, thanks to our intensive work and our personalized attention. We are different from other real estate corporations because the qualification of our employees is focused on individualized treatment, making it possible for us to adapt to the different needs of each individual and that this brings a unique value to each experience. Thanks to the relationships we establish, both with customers and with our team, in a horizontal and fair structure, we have been ‘atypical’ for 20 years.

Isabel Osorio, Atipika’s founder: "truth and transparency are the most important matters for us" 1

Atipika was founded in 1999, what was the market like back then?

In those years Barcelona was very different from how we know it today. It was quite provincial. Incredible as it may seem, rental prices were higher than now and even auctions were held for the most desired properties in the most popular areas. There were few foreign buyers and those who wanted to buy were seen with distrust by the owners. The market was not much competitive and, although foreigners began to arrive, there was no multilingual service for those customers. A clear example that we lived personally was that one of a foreign customer who came to Barcelona to live temporarily and the city council had to turn to us because they did not know how to provide him accommodation … So, we can proudly say that we are pioneers in dealing with foreigners in Barcelona.

How did you stay afloat during the crisis? Did you make any important changes?

We survived the crisis making sure to keep our values ​​and loyalty to our customers. We were austere and put our staff first. We changed the approach and this new focus helped us even to grow during the crisis, difficult it may seem. Truth and transparency are the most important matters for us. The sacrifices were necessary, and we managed to handle it, so that thanks to it we became stronger and more competitive.

What are the most demanded places to live in Barcelona?

I learned something very important during my stay in the United States: the three ells (3L), location, location, location. It is the most important thing. Properties in the center of Barcelona, ​​those which are close to the sea and those others that surround the city up to 40km are always great investments. Moreover, all areas of Barcelona offer a wide range of homes: brand new livings, properties to refurbish or furnished flats, there is a home for everyone.

Any advice for someone looking for a home in Barcelona?

First of all, let yourself be advised. Find an agency with an international view, but with local knowledge. Professionals who know the city and know how to filter the objectives and needs; It is vital to know the reasons of a customer. It must be considered if it is an investment in the short, long or medium term, if the person is looking for a permanent residence, which is the profile you manage… It is essential for a buyer to receive a realistic and transparent treatment.

How was the transition from the paper age to the digital era?

We started with the first website in 2000. It was very early, and it was fun, but maybe we got too far ahead. However, this gave us a boost and it has given us the experience of the whole journey of these years. We have learned for many years to implement a new website, to discover what are the best tools to position ourselves in the market, and also how to give more visibility to our product. We were pioneers in the use of social networks as well, and we have been using them for ten years now. At the end of the day, experience is the key to any career and service.

How do you see the market in the coming years? Are you optimistic?

I have always been pragmatic. After experiencing the crisis of 2007, getting stronger and improving our market positioning, I am not afraid of anything that might happen. While it is true that we are in a process of global change, I think that traditional real estate will not cease to exist as long as it is updated. There are always new ideas, specializations and systems that ultimately help to renew a company. The key is honesty, good service, constant attention and, above all, a good team.

Describe Atipika in three words.

Professionalism, adaptability and constancy.

Isabel Osorio, Atipika’s founder: "truth and transparency are the most important matters for us" 2

Atipika has an extensive experience managing both straightforward and complex real estate rental transactions. Atipika’s successful path in the real estate market over nearly 20 years makes it possible to offer a broad and attractive range of properties for sale and for rent in Barcelona, with a concise up-to-date information. Do not hesitate to browse our website to find out other properties: You can contact us through our live chat, send an e-mail to or call 93-4575032.



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