Minimalist decoration

The minimalistic style in the decoration field it’s getting more popular each day. This is a trendy style that it’s based on three pillars: elegance, sobriety and luminosity.  Atipika Barcelona will like to give you the keys of this exclusive decoration in which less is more.

The first thing to take into account is the furniture. Start in the living room ─ this is the main room in a house and you should pay special attention to it.  Choose neutral colours and straight lines. The idea is to find pieces of furniture that are adequate, take your time to find the perfect ones.

The key to obtain the distinctive sobriety and the open-plan design style in minimalism is to reduce to the minimum the decorative elements. You should focus on the things that are absolutely necessary and get rid of mere ornamental items. We recommend you to use a small plant or a bouquet of flowers if you want to add a splash of colour in the rooms.

Wooden floors are a very interesting element to add if you want a minimalist decoration. The texture matches perfectly with other materials such as marble (in the kitchen or bathrooms). It is elegant and creates a warm atmosphere.  We suggest you to use grey, cream or mahogany colours.

The fabrics must be the right ones as well. Reduce to the minimum the number of curtains and carpets and, if you really want to use these elements, they should have neutral colours. Rustic fabrics go well in this kind of minimalistic decoration. It is important that all the elements that you choose are in harmony and fit together.

In Atipika Barcelona we have properties that you can customize as you like. A good example is this brand-new penthouse with private terrace, panoramic views and communal pool. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

Minimalist decoration - Atipika Lifestyle Properties 2022

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