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Refurbish to sell: How to make your home more attractive

Selling a property can be an agile and successful task from the beginning, but it can also be a slow and delicate process, especially in the current context, and with the healthy social situation we are living. At ATIPIKA we know this well. In order to try to speed up the commercialization of a home, many owners opt to lower the initial price, with the objective of finding an immediate closing; others decide to withdraw their home from the market temporarily so that it can breathe, and some simply give up. However, there is an interesting option that we should consider: a refurbishment that gives our home a fresh and renewed air for potential buyers.

As we have pointed out, marketing is not easy. It is very important that we do not lose patience or despair, however complicated the situation may be. The reform can become the perfect solution to the bottleneck of our home in the market, since it is demonstrated that it can increase the rent by 30% and its sales value by 20%. Therefore, after a renovation, not only will we avoid having to lower the value of the property, but we will be able to increase it simply by making a small investment that we will more than recover.

Refurbish to sell: How to make your home more attractive 1

When a buyer is looking for an apartment, he focuses on multiple aspects, including natural light, the spaces, the state of the structure, the floors, etc. Therefore, different types of solutions can be proposed to make the property more attractive for those who are interested, depending on the needs of each owner. Sometimes, it is not necessary to make a large investment of money, but it is possible to make what we call “a facelift”, which consists of small repairs with a limited budget and that suppose a great change in the first impression. We will talk about this later.

To carry out a refurbishing it is important to consider a series of factors:

–  To have enough funds: it is necessary to know our limits and to value the intervention of a bank. Normally, it is not advisable to carry out the reform if you must ask for a loan, but it is the owner himself who knows their own economic situation.

–  Knowing the market and taking advice: we must remember that we do not know for sure to what extent a house can be revalued, since it depends on many factors. If we are not experts, we should go to a specialist in order to get an approximation of the current real estate situation.

–  Evaluate the age of the house: it is an essential aspect. As a rule, older houses usually require a greater investment in the reform, and the cost may be too high in relation to the benefits we expect. On the other hand, if the property is recent, carrying out the refurbishment is practically out of the question.

–  Being aware of the competition: that is, knowing the neighbourhood and which homes are intended to be sold at that time. Paying attention to the characteristics of the properties, which concepts are valued more by the buyers, how much those apartments or similar houses are sold, etc.

–  Keeping in mind that the benefit is relative: we must be aware that the price of housing will not be multiplied to infinity by the reform that we make. The price usually increases around 20% but, as in everything, there are exceptions and particular cases. It is imperative to be realistic.

We must be clear about whether to reform the property before the sale process is necessary and, once we have studied the possibilities and results, decide which option is more worthy. And, above all, decide if we opt for a comprehensive reform, or a small arrangement to improve the first impression of the buyers.

Among the small renovations that can be carried out with little investment, we can find lighting, one of the aspects that is most highly valued by buyers, especially in the case of natural light. The most advisable is to promote the entry of sunlight but, if the property does not allow it, we must exploit the points of artificial light with the aim of creating a house as bright as possible.

Refurbish to sell: How to make your home more attractive 2

Another small remodelling that can be done is painting. Giving a coat of paint to the walls is a practically indispensable task. In addition, painting protects the house, highlights the rooms, and adds extra value to the property. In general, it is advisable to use neutral tones that benefit the entry of natural light, such as white, crude colours or beige. The reform of the floor is also a great change. There are several options: changing them, polishing them, cleaning them… The market offers many material options that can be used, but currently the most valid proposals are micro cement, laminate, ceramic, and parquet floors.

A floor in good condition and modern will help create a warm atmosphere and will inevitably provide a very good first impression. Similarly, the creation of new spaces or the expansion of existing spaces will help those interested to get an idea of the potential of the property, as well as generate a greater sense of wideness. Eliminating the partition walls is effective, as it generates a very up-to-date open-plan design that creates a sense of space.

Refurbish to sell: How to make your home more attractive 3

It is proved that the refurbishing of kitchens and bathrooms are the most valued by the buyers, and usually they are the first rooms that are improved when selling. In the case of the kitchen, it is usual to open it to the dining room, update the electrical appliances, change the worktop, use optical white type colours and glossy finishes, introduce an island, etc. Old bathrooms usually require a change in aesthetics, as they are usually the rooms that contain the most characteristic designs of the period. Currently, we choose to change bathtubs for showers, install designer taps and use all grey, black, and white paint tones.

The introduction of technology in the real estate world is a reality. Today, most new homes have automation systems, something that unquestionably increases the value of sale. Introducing this tool in our property, investing a part of our funds, can make a big difference, especially for younger buyers. Similarly, the energy efficiency of a home is increasingly valued. There are many ways to improve it, such as changing doors and windows to improve thermal and acoustic insulation, closing the terrace with a suitable insulation, changing diesel for Natural Gas, using LED or low energy lights, etc.

Refurbish to sell: How to make your home more attractive 4

As we have pointed out, refurbishing to sell is a convenient option to speed up the commercialization process. If you have any doubt about it, or you want to know more about this alternative, our specialists in the sector will attend you and inform you about all the options that your property offers, always with the objective of guaranteeing the highest possible benefit and the maximum profitability. Our team of specialized professionals will accompany you throughout the process, from the appraisal to the formalization of the contract, offering you the personalized and honest treatment you deserve. ATIPIKA offers you all kinds of decorative solutions at all levels.

Below, we present some of the homes in our portfolio that have undergone renovation processes and that may serve as inspiration.

Firstly, and as a sales option, we have this exceptional brand new penthouse located in one of the best bevels of the Eixample, in a very central area, next to ‘Passeig de Sant Joan’ and near ‘Arc de Triomf’, surrounded by all kinds of services and stores. The estate in which it is located is modernist, has been recently updated and it offers all type of lifestyle services and comforts, like gym, two communal swimming pools, a design rooftop, and much more. A functional design concept that combines comfort and style and also offers an unbeatable facing, guaranteeing sunlight all year round and all day long. Inside, the house has a useful surface of 123sq m with two double bedrooms and two full bathrooms. It is worth mentioning the fantastic terrace of this penthouse, with an area of 41sq m and perfect to enjoy the good weather of Barcelona.

Refurbish to sell: How to make your home more attractive 5Refurbish to sell: How to make your home more attractive 6Refurbish to sell: How to make your home more attractive 7

On the other hand, this fantastic 4-bedroom property will make you fall in love. It is a brand new 80sqm house, renovated and located in a rehabilitated property, with elevator and concierge service, in the heart of the ‘Gracia’ neighbourhood. Near the ‘Plaça Joanic’, the ‘Passeig de Sant Joan’, and the charming little squares of ‘La Vila de Gràcia’. It is a modern and depersonalized concept that attracts all kinds of buyers. Completely refurbished this very year, the apartment has top quality materials, which guarantee an unbeatable finish, such as wood floors, aluminium and lacquered wood carpentry, and double-glazed insulation.

Refurbish to sell: How to make your home more attractive 8Refurbish to sell: How to make your home more attractive 9

In the rental option there are also apartments whose owners acquired, reformed, and now benefit from a valuable monthly income. This stunning luxury duplex penthouse with terrace is located in the privileged neighbourhood of Sant Gervasi, just a few minutes from ‘Passeig de Gràcia’ and surrounded by the most exclusive stores and businesses in the city. Designed with high-end finishes and decorated with exquisite furniture, this property has a 347sq m area and it is laid out over two floors and 3 large terraces. It is a true jewel, so do not miss it.

Refurbish to sell: How to make your home more attractive 10Refurbish to sell: How to make your home more attractive 11Refurbish to sell: How to make your home more attractive 12

Visit our website to find out all our services and the properties we offer. ATIPIKA’s successful path in the real estate market over nearly 20 years makes it possible to offer a broad and attractive range of properties for sale and for rent in Barcelona, with a concise up-to-date information. Do not hesitate to consult our website You can contact us through our chat, send us an email to or call our phone 93-4815032.



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