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The rise on the housing price moderates itself and sales emulate the numbers of 2011

The housing sector starts to slow down the rise of the prices as on the second trimester of 2017 housing prices only rose a 4,4% compared to the numbers of the previous year, a percentage which is inferior to the 7,7% rise registered on the first trimester.

On the other hand, between April and June there was a 10,7% increase of purchase transactions compared to the first trimester of the previous year, the higher cipher registered since 2011, which also means a 5% more transactions than the past trimester. As brand new properties lose a 2,07% of interest, ‘second-hand’ housing is more popular now than in the previous years with a 6,54% increase in the number compared to the numbers three months ago.

As for the purchases made by foreigners, they continue to be stabilized at a 13,01% out of the whole of the transactions in the market. The first on the list are the Britons, followed by the French, German, Belgian, Italian, Swedes, Romanian, Moroccan and Chinese.

Stability can also be seen in mortgages, as mortgage loans with fixed rates are now a 35,5% contrasting with the 38,7% that was registered on the first part of the year. The initial interest rates are around a 2,3%. The length of the mortgage agreement has also been shortened by two months  – on the first trimester it was 23 and 4 months and now 23 years and 2 months.