¿Dónde comprar cerámica en Barcelona?

Where can you buy ceramics in Barcelona?

Adding natural elements, as could be ceramic, to your home is certainly a very popular decorative trend. Atipika Barcelona would like you to know about two ceramic shops in Barcelona, where you will find objects full of personality and of a unique beauty.


Located in Rubí (Passeig de la Riera, 222, Nau A), Apparatu is a family ceramic workshop. Each of their projects has a great deal of research hours on its back, what allows them to conceive completely innovative ideas. If you take a look at their website, you can see some of their wonderful pieces – authentic works of art.

The best thing? They have an online shop where you can find unique pieces – their lamps will give your home a contemporary design touch that you will love.

Where can you buy ceramics in Barcelona? - Atipika Lifestyle Properties 2022


Lola Giardino, Argentinian designer stablished in Barcelona, cooks, sews and moulds ceramic in her little workshop in Diputació street, 387: Nonabruna. She vindicates the beauty of the mundane and the soul in her products. On her online shop, you will find plates, mugs, boards and all kinds of kitchen objects in several sizes and colours. These unique handmade pieces will give your kitchen that special something.

¿Dónde comprar cerámica en Barcelona?

She also has workshops so you can create your own pieces and explore your creative side. “If you let creativity flow and you want to go beyond the technique, you will be able to materialize whatever you have on your mind perfectly”. These ‘classes’ are usually three-hours-long, and it is not necessary to have previous experience on the ceramic world. The experience gets better because, before getting your hands dirty, you will have the opportunity to have some delicious cakes and infusions from Sea YouSoon, a healthy catering that works along Nonabruna.

¿Dónde comprar cerámica en Barcelona?

Flat in Balmes street

This 112sq m flat that we would like to shot you today has oak wooden floors and ethnic features – it is the perfect background to add some ceramic elements. The flat is laid out in a living-dining room with a separate kitchen, two suites (one a with dressing room and a bathroom with bathtub, and the other one with a bathroom with shower) and a terrace. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

¿Dónde comprar cerámica en Barcelona?

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