Swedish style invades Barcelona

Are you familiar with Swedish decoration? Forget about the popular Scandinavian brand, Atipika Barcelona wants to unveil the secrets of Swedish design through an exclusive store located in the city centre, in ‘El Born’.

Gildöölf brings you unique pieces for your home from Sweden. Vintage furniture, mostly from the 40’s and 50’s, that they replace every three months. Before getting to Barcelona, every piece that ends up in the shop goes through several quality and aesthetic filters, so their clients can be sure about obtaining unique and exclusive elements.

The founders of this decoration store are Sophie – a Swedish interior designer – and Guim – a Catalan architect. Both are professionals who have plenty of experience in the field. Their idea is to provide homes, and their owners, with exquisite and unique furniture.

Straight lines are very common in Scandinavian creations. Austerity and simplicity make the high quality wooden pieces of furniture perfect ─ your rooms look like those spectacular spaces featured in decoration magazines.

Swedish style invades Barcelona - Atipika Lifestyle Properties 2022

If you are looking for a specific piece of furniture, this type of classic wooden chair is perfect for any kind of room – the living room, the hall, an office or the dining room. These chairs are characterized for having the back made of slim cylindrical pieces of wood, as is also the case of the chair legs and reinforcements. The chairs you choose do not have to follow the same pattern, you can choose different colours, sizes and shapes as the simplicity and timelessness of these chairs will give your home a distinctive personality.

Flat in El Born’s heart

Atipika Barcelona would like to show you a flat with lots of charm in the centre of El Born, a very lively and popular area. Within this framework, the unique pieces of vintage Swedish furniture are the perfect choice.

Swedish style invades Barcelona - Atipika Lifestyle Properties 2022

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